On the occasion of the Conference, a limited number of rooms has been reserved at some Hotels in Brescia. Participants who wish to reserve their Accommodation during the Conference are kindly requested to refer to the different links of each Hotel (see details in the following table). All information referring to the requested reservation will be managed directly by the selected Hotel. In order to take advantage of the discounted rates, the request of accommodation should refer to “VOA 6 BRESCIA 2018”.

Each participant can book and pay the room directly. The allotment in each hotel should be guaranteed until June 2018, after that date the rooms will be available upon request and upon hotels’ availability. The booking is guaranteed by a valid credit card and the cancellation policy will be managed by each single Hotel.

pdf.pngClick here to download the hotel list summary

For any touristic information about Brescia, please visit Brescia Turismo website:

Servizio Turismo (Via Musei, 81)
Phone +39 030 2978988

Infopoint Centro (Via Trieste, 1 - Piazza Paolo VI
Phone +39 030 2400357

Sede Infopoint Stazione (Via Lattanzio Gambara, 25 - Piazzale Stazione)
Phone +39 030 8378559